Everything you need to know comes to you in the perfect space, time, and sequence. ~ Louise Hay

And everything you need to know about Rockwell can be found here. At Rockwell, students learn pure, evidence-based natural medicine. Our philosophy emphasizes solid educational foundations and responsible practice above all else. This is why our students learn more about herbal contraindications and drug interactions than any other natural health school to our knowledge. In fact, our programs are bar none the best available in their class.

Our students receive the most extensive study in parasitology, which is often incorrectly or over-diagnosed across the board by all types of practitioners. Rockwell incorporates legalized medical marijuana and ground-breaking drug addiction solutions, such as ibogaine and naltrexone into our programs.

You can trust Rockwell to monitor new trends in evidence-based natural medicine and share these findings with you. We are committed to keeping our programs up to date so you can guarantee your knowledge stays current. Students learn holistic business practices and motivational interviewing to polish their skill set.

Rockwell is also popular in part because, unlike most common natural health schools, Rockwell remains undiluted with any kind of political or religious ideology in order to gain non-profit status, which we feel might distract from our programs. We keep things simple and aim to provide you with the most transparency you will find at any natural health school in order to help you sort out common concerns before embarking on a new career path.

Rockwell makes it easy for you to sort through all the hoopla surrounding your options. For example, it is our ethical imperative to make sure you understand the differences between a traditional naturopathic doctor or traditional naturopathy, and that of a licensed naturopathic physician or a medical doctor, so that you can choose which one is right for you depending on your own unique circumstances and preferences.

We find it especially important to clarify the relevance of accreditation for natural health schools by providing you with clear and accurate information, all of which can be found under Admissions in the Student Resources drop-down menu. We also help you sort out the differences between awards, degrees, diplomas, certificates of completion, and certification.

Rockwell also addresses board certification for traditional naturopaths and professional registration for clinical herbalists. We go deeper and discuss whether these things are really helpful or relevant to your overall success.

We voluntarily follow the stringent educational guidelines of the American Herbalist Guild, of which we are a member school. Most importantly, our programs incorporate everything we would want our own natural health practitioner to know in order to earn our highest trust. We don’t miss a thing!

Upon program completion, students have the option to graduate as a board certified practitioner by Rockwell at no additional cost to them by achieving 95% or higher on all tests. Visit our Student Testing Portal for more information.

Rockwell is uniquely positioned to prepare some of the most in-demand, highly qualified natural health practitioners of our time. Please take your time exploring our programs, and when you are ready, see Admissions for instructions on how to get started!

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