Put your roots down with Rockwell and steep yourself in the magical world of plant medicine.

Welcome to Rockwell, where we value solid educational foundations and responsible practice above all else. Your education is our reputation.

At Rockwell, we endeavor to provide you with slightly rebellious, off the beaten path holistic health programs that you won’t find at your local university or community college.

Rockwell offers you a world-class, distance-learning holistic health education, providing the skills you need to become an expert in your field of traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, or holistic nutrition.

Students want a school they can be proud of and a name they can trust. That name is Rockwell.

How can you tell if Rockwell is right for you?

  • Do you absolutely love the quality of our programs?

  • Do you want to become an expert in your field?

  • Does Rockwell resonate with your ideas of what a holistic health school should really be like?

These are the biggest deciding factors for students who choose Rockwell.

At Rockwell, you can look forward to studying from wonderful, hand-picked textbooks that you will use as desk references throughout your entire career. Your books are truly an investment and reflect the quality of your education.

Due to course material costs, we keep our programs super affordable for everyone!

Rockwell is uniquely positioned to distinguish you amongst your peers. We help prepare the most in-demand, highly qualified holistic health practitioners in the world!

Here's just a couple of more reasons Rockwell rocks...
Rockwell monitor’s trends in evidence-based natural medicine and share’s those findings with students and alumni so their knowledge stays current.
Rockwell graduates assess the whole person, create long-term health solutions, and educate the masses on preventative care, helping heal the world one human at a time.

What will your choice in a holistic health school do for you?

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